The Puketawa Track & Slip Track are now temporarily CLOSED. They will re-open on the 16th September 2019. Sorry – but it’s just too wet & slippery at the moment!

1.  What fitness is required?

We recommend a reasonable level of fitness.  The track is steep, uneven, sometimes slippery & damp; there are steps in many parts.  We tell everyone, ‘If you can do the Tongariro Crossing, you can do this’.  The tracks are possibly as steep as The Tongariro Alpine Crossing, but an awful lot shorter!

2.  Is there cell phone coverage?

Yes. Throughout the walk you would normally have cell phone coverage, but it is not guaranteed. 

3. Can I do the walk without a guide?

Yes.  Both the Puketawa & Slip track circuits can be done self-guided.  Once on the top, there is a 700m additional walk along the top fence-line.  This takes you to the Maori Carving.  We must cross over into our neighbours’ lands to visit the Maori Carving.  Permission has only been given with the guarantee that we will accompany visitors to the site. We need advance notice to be able to provide a guide for this additional 1.4km return trip to the carving.

4.  Can I bring my dog?

On condition –  if you choose to omit viewing the Maori carving & stick to the circular routes – The Puketawa & Slip Tracks, AND your dog has a certificate to prove he or she has been kiwi aversion trained, then you’re welcome to bring your dog.  You must phone Michélé  – 021 2113332 or (06) 3853328 or 021 461486 before bringing your dog onto the track.

5.  Are there toilets on the route?
Yes!  There’s two!  One about 20 minutes walk into the track & another at the 3-Ladies Picnic Site.  They’re not you’re fancy flush ones, but a good, solid & private bush experience called a long-drop.




 If you can do the Tongariro Crossing you can do this! No camping, fires or dogs (without talking to Michélé first.)

 CONTACT:  Michélé O’Sullivan   Email:   info@thepuketawatrack.nz     Phone:  +64 6 3853328 Cellphone: 021211332